Products & Services

Redux Technology develops, manufactures and distributes water treatment chemicals used to prevent fouling that commonly occurs in groundwater extraction and treatment systems employed at hazardous waste clean-up sites, landfills and construction sites. The cost of combating fouling of these in remediation systems, both in-situ and ex-situ, is one of the major operating costs associated with their operation. This fouling generally consists of solid materials that build up over time. In most cases, these solids are precipitated iron, hardness scale, microbial mass or any combination of the three. This fouling eventually clogs system components, preventing water flow, requiring extensive maintenance, and in some cases, expensive repairs or equipment replacement. Redux’ water treatment chemicals prevent or remove fouling, greatly reducing the cost of running groundwater extraction and treatment systems prone to fouling.

Redux offers water treatment chemical formulations for a variety of specific applications in the remedial market. The company sells three basic product lines:

  • Deposit control chemicals (DCC’s): These products are added to the subject groundwater flow continuously or semi-continuously, in order to prevent the formation of solids. They are chemically similar to detergents, and may contain sequestering agents, dispersants, and crystal modifiers, among others. Redux DCC’s are designed to be discharged to the environment.
  • Cleaners and de-scalers: These products remove deposition after it has occurred, and are used periodically to “clean” fouling out of system components. These materials are more aggressive chemically, and may include acids, caustics or biocides, and they are generally not designed to be discharged to the environment, without further treatment.
  • Precipitant aids: These products are used to optimize removal of inorganic foulants (such as iron or hardness) as a pretreatment step. Precipitant aids are used in conjunction with commodity precipitation chemicals, and optimize solids formation, agglomeration, settling and dewatering. This makes, foulant removal more cost-justifiable at remedial sites.

Services provided by Redux are intended to assist customers in assessing product effectiveness, and to subsequently apply our products successfully. Most technical support services are provided at no charge. These services include:

  • Consultation about sites with fouling during office or site visits
  • Analyses of water and deposit samples done at sites, in our lab or at a subcontract lab
  • Assistance with performing bench-scale testing (done in a lab setting) or pilot-scale testing (typically done at an application site)
  • Assistance in setting up a full scale applications, with performance testing
  • Assistance in setting up performance monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization