Deposit Control Chemicals (DCC’s)

These products prevent the formation of solids (such as iron oxy-hydroxides, hardness scales, or biomass) and are added continuously, at ppm levels to recovered groundwater prior to other treatment operations. A variety of formulations are designed for specific types of common fouling. These blends may include sequestrants, dispersants, crystal modifiers and reducing agents. Redux formulations are designed to be highly effective, yet can be discharged to the environment with treated groundwater.

Cleaners and de-scalers

More aggressive than preventative formulations, these products are designed to remove existing fouling. Included in this product line are Redux well rehabilitation products, the only ones designed specifically for remedial wells. Depending upon the nature of fouling, cleaners may be acidic or alkaline, oxidizing or reducing. Removal of deposits generally requires that equipment be taken off-line. Cleaning solutions are typically recirculated through affected system components. Spent cleaning solutions are not intended for discharge without further treatment.

Precipitation Aids

These products enhance the removal of inorganic foulants (such as iron or calcium) as a pretreatment step to eliminate fouling. Often, removal of these materials is difficult in remedial situations, but sometimes it is the only option. Redux precip-aids reduce the residence and reaction times typically required (reducing footprint), and make solids separation and dewatering easier.